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Mission Statement

To ensure the preservation of the natural conservation areas that existed within Pine Creek Ridge, the Pine Creek Conservancy, a Michigan non-profit corp was established on behalf of the residents of Pine Creek Ridge.
The Pine Creek Ridge Declaration of Easements, Covenants and Restrictions: Article II-Sec 3 describes the granting of a Conservation Easement to this Conservancy.

Articles II thru III, and Article VII Section 5 thru Section 11 detail the rights and obligations of homeowners regarding the conservation areas within Pine Creek Ridge.

You can find the entire document by selecting the link in the left menu.

The Declarations detail the following regarding the establishment and management of the Conservancy:

  • Purpose of Conservancy
  • Responsibilities of Conservancy 

Main Conservancy Responsibilities:

  • Lake Management
  • Dam Management and Maintainence
  • Oversight and stewardship of Conservation area


Click below for a list of adopted policies
PCRC Operating Policies

January 23, 2010 Update: Conservation Area Boundary Survey/Staking Project
For the past 20 years many owners have known there were conservation easements along the creeks, but were not sure where the conservation easement boundaries were located on their lot.  This has led to confusion in some cases.

The project to survey and stake the conservation area boundaries along the creeks has now been completed.  The temporary wooden laths have been replaced with 36" long green metal stakes.

Dimensioned drawings of the conservation areas, showing the location of all the stakes that were placed, have been uploaded to the website for your viewing and download.
To view or download the drawings, click on one of the files below.
They are in a PDF format and can be viewed with the Adobe Acrobat Reader.




Conservancy Prioritization Policy

The Pine Creek Conservancy Prioritization Policy, relating to our conservation areas, is defined in the Conservancy Priority Policy. You may read or download the document by CLICKING HERE

Pine Creek Ridge Plat Maps

You can view a plat map of any lot in Pine Creek Ridge by following these instructions:
1) First, go to this website: Pine Creek Ridge Plat Maps  Note, this will open in a new window. If you use pop-up blocker software, hold the control key down when clicking the above link.
2) Enter: Pine Creek Ridge, and Livingston County
3) Click the “first time users” for info first
4) Click “submit”
You will now see a page that lists sets of drawings of each of the Pine Creek plats.  Each “card number” represents a set of drawings.  Notice, they are numbered, thru phase 6 (those with no numbers are phase one).  Some phases have more than one set of drawings.
5) Click on the first set of phase six drawings, which is card # 66292.  You see part of phase six, around “Hartford Park”.  First, notice that in the upper left corner of the workspace, the “document” box shows “6629201” this means card 66292, sheet 1.  See the little “pages” with left and right arrows just to the right, that’s where you page back and forth between page 1,2,3,etc of the pages of this set of documents for this area of phase six.  The other icons along the top are for manipulating the view, if you hover over them with your pointer, it will tell you what each is for.

6) IMPORTANT:  To print, you MUST use the printer icon at the right end of this group of icons.  DON’T USE THE “FILE, PRINT” at the top left of your browser window.  In the little print window that opens, select the options you want; Print the entire drawing, or just the “displayed area fill page”.  At any time, you can use the “back” button on your browser window to go back to the list of all the phases.


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